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Home Sellers Face Bill For Shortfall In Property Tax

Revenue to assess bands if home sells for 15% more than estimate for LPT Revenue will only provide clearance to sellers if they can show the valuation placed on their property on May 1st last year was made in good faith and is broadly accurate . Photograph: Bryan O’Brien     According to The Irish […]

Property Owners Risk Penalty Of €7,230 As Amnesty Comes To An End

NPPR penalties set to rise by 50% if second-home property owners don’t settle charges by August 31st If a property owner has never paid the NPPR charge, they will be liable for an increased fee of €7,230 from September 1st. Photograph: Dara MacDonaill/The Irish Times According to The Irish Times, landlords and owners of holiday […]

Employers To Deduct Property Tax From Wages This Month

According to The Irish Times, employers have started cutting the salaries of tens of thousands of employees who haven’t paid their property tax or household charge following instructions from the Revenue Commissioners. In recent weeks the Revenue sent more than 100,000 “mandatory notifications” to employers and pension providers to begin deducting the pay of liable […]

Hard-Pressed Families Set For Five-Year Freeze On Their Property Tax

According to The Independent.ie, Property prices are rising at the highest rate on record  which means that, without a freeze, homeowners would pay substantially larger property tax bills when houses are revalued in 2016. Ministers are now weighing up whether to announce a property tax freeze in Budget 2015 to give people “clarity” about what […]

Builders Call For Tax Cuts To Stimulate House Construction

According to The Independent.ie the property industry has called for a cut in VAT rate on construction of homes to be dropped from 13.5pc to 9pc   House builders have called for tax cuts to stimulate construction of family homes.And they said the Government could raise €250m to build social housing by selling off excess state […]

Consumers ‘May Lose Out’ If Homes Are Under-Insured

According to The Independent.ie householders have been warned that they could lose out heavily if they under-insure their home and its contents and then have to make a claim. The National Consumer Agency said that most insurers apply a rule that means they will only pay out for the amount listed in the insurance policy.This […]

Want A Cut In Income Tax? It Could Mean Tripling The Property Tax

According to the Journal.ie a report by officials in the Department of Finance has suggested that jacking up the local property tax (LPT) could pave the way for a big cut in income tax. The report suggests that by targeting revenues from the LPT, a major income tax cut could be delivered, improving Ireland’s competitiveness […]

Largest Local Authority In Country Considering 15pc Property Tax Cut

According to The Independent.ie, Dublin City Council expects to collect €80m a year in the tax, which means that a drop of 15pc would result in €12m having to be found in existing budgets to provide essential services. It came after Dun Laoghaire/ Rathdown County Council last night voted in favour of the tax cut. […]

Property Prices Tipped To Rise Up To 20pc This Year

According to The Independent.ie property prices are tipped to rise up to 20pc this year. Increases so far this year mean values are on course to jump by up to 20pc in the capital, a leading economist said.And across the country as a whole, property price rises of 10pc for the year have been forecast by […]

Councils Fear Cuts In Other Areas Will Hit Property Tax Surplus

According to The Independent.ie  a number of local authorities have sought clarity from the Government over whether their property tax surplus will be cancelled out by cuts to other areas. Council officials have warned local representatives that they now cannot guarantee whether proceeds generated by the property tax will be retained to improve local services. While there […]